Small Acts, Big Differences

Charity is all around us, we see it in actions, kindness, understanding and the more obvious fund-raisers. But how many of us really appreciate how just a handful of small decisions can make such a huge difference to a situation?

Here within the Provenance family, we like to seek out those causes that perhaps don’t have the loudest voice or are located here in North Yorkshire, our neighbours and friends. We like to use the skills and the know-how we have together with our loyal and generous customers to help the efforts of these charities.

So, what do we do best? We create exceptional seasonal food…and what could be more seasonal right now than asparagus? Cue our seasonal special, the Salad of Warm Spillman’s Asparagus, a pure indulgent starter dish, bursting with flavour yet light enough to just whet the appetite. For every dish ordered, £1.50 will go towards the work of Ryedale Foodbank, located here on our doorstep.

It’s a frightening set of statistics when we hear how many individuals, families, children are going without adequate food and nutrition and, sadly, the trend is not an improving picture. The work of charities such as Ryedale Foodbank are literally life-saving. Combatting poverty and hunger is the main objective of this incredible charity and here at The Crown & Cushion, we want to make a positive contribution to this cause.

Let’s pull together, make those small decisions that we know contribute to a huge difference. To learn more about the work of Ryedale Foodbank, take a look at what they have to say…